Science and technology – ELEMENTARY
Basic training (2 days)

public school
$ 125 + $ 0,75 / student

private school
$ 250 + $ 1,50 / student



Basic two-day training will be offer at Laval University

Information with:
Mr. Stéphan Baillargeon
418-228-5541 - Ext 2417
Email: stephan.baillargeon @

This two day course will allow you to experiment with several different learning situations touching a variety of topics. This experimentation will allow you to easily assimilate this approach and then subsequently reinvest it with your students.

At the end of this course, you will have completed your global planning in science and technology for the entire school year. You will receive teachers’ guides, support sheets for your students, simple and effective evaluation tools as well as pedagogical and didactic support at all times.

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