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The first part of this training measures the potential of this approach for the school board with principals, educational services administrators and pedagogical consultants.

The trainer subsequently collaborates with pedagogical consultants to organize a realistic implementation approach for their milieu.

Training for pedagogical leaders

On our premises*
(1 day)

Other location**
(1 day)

$1 000 /school board

$1 500 /school board

* Registration fees are for four per school board at the training session (an administrator, two principals and a teacher).
** Possibility to train up to 50 administrators. Additional fees for transportation and accommodations apply.



Training and accompaniment plan for a school board :

3 days/year for 3 years

This training includes the participation of four individuals per school board (a pedagogical consultant and three teachers) as well as the rights to locally distribute and use our entire collection and our training tools at the end of the second year of accompaniment

First year :
Training the pedagogical consultant and the three teachers

Second year :
Co-conduct basic training with a PREST team member and three new teachers from the school board

Third year :
Co-conduct training, if necessary with a PREST team member, access to all of our training materials and our pedagogical resources.

This training and accompaniment plan can be organized in your school board.


School board

Private school

0,75 $/student


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